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We from NATAGREEN INDONESIA better known as NATAGREEN Pest Control, one of the divisions of BALI DESIGN & CO. Is engaged in vector pest control services based on Bali Island. We offer quality and guaranteed services and are professional and experienced to give satisfaction to our clients that have been experienced by our NATAGREEN Pest Control clients in vector pest problems.
Pest control services that we do include termite pest control, mice, flying insects and crawling and others. NATAGREEN Pest Control uses quality and guaranteed work techniques supported by an experienced team and selection of the right methods, the use of environmentally friendly drugs, effective, on target, very fast response.

We have cooperated a lot like Villas, Hotels, Offices, Restorants, Residential, and Public Facilities.


Termite Control is a pest control on termites which includes eradication and prevention of termite attacks, both soil termites (Coptotermes Curvignathus, Schedorhinotermes) and wood termites (Microtermes Termites, Macrotermes Termite, Cryptotermes Termite). In practice or Termite Control treatment is divided into 2 treatments, namely pre-construction and post-construction treatment.

A. Pre Contruction Termite Control

This is the treatment of control and prevention of termite attacks carried out on buildings, from the moment of completion of the excavation of the foundation trench until the floor of the building is ready before the floor installation. Spraying of termite solutions that have been prepared in all fields of excavation using a dose of approximately 5 liters of termite solution per square surface. After the building foundation is built and neatly arranged, spraying is done on back fill with a dose of 2.5 liters of termite solution per meter of foundation length and the entire surface of the ground for floor installation. Treatment is also given on the floor surface before installing the work floor (tiles, ceramics and marble).

B. Post Contruction Termite Control

This is a control and prevention treatment against termite pest attacks carried out on buildings that have been established by means of drilling and injection applications (driling and injecting). Making injection holes with drilling in the left and right sides of the foundation (right left wall leg line) with a diameter of 6-10 mm at a distance of 15 cm from the wall with a distance between holes 30 cm to 40 cm to a depth of 20 cm to 30 cm to penetrate the soil. Then injection (treatment injection) of the termite solution with a dose of approximately 1.5 liters of injection hole. After the injection is complete then the injection hole is closed again in accordance with the original color. In the plant injection is carried out around the fence wall and injections around the tree and the surface of the garden with a distance of 1 meter and spraying on the entire surface of the garden evenly.


It is recommended that the Termite Control treatment be applied to all buildings in one area, carried out thoroughly so that termites do not have free movement space without termitic treatment residues (chemical anti termites), meaning that if termites do not attack the treated building, not necessarily the untreated buildings free from termite attacks. For this reason, in the entire area of ​​the building, Termite Control treatment should be applied to all buildings.


Termite Control Services and Termite Exterminators
– Pre Construction Termite Control Building Rp.20,000 / m2 up to Rp. 25,000 / m2
– Post Construction Termite Control Rp. 50,000 / m up to Rp. 95,000 / m


– Pre Construction Termite Control 5 (five) years
– Post Construction Termite Control 3 (three) years

Guarantees are given in the form of Termite Free Warranty Certificates. This guarantee is meant by us to give treatment again without charge if there is a complaint of the emergence of new termites in the warranty area that we have done.

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