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This division was formed in 2008 under the name BALI DESIGN CONSTRUCT (BDC Initials) is as one of the new Divisions in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Construction Renovation, Project Management and Building Maintenance Services. Our team has a lot of experience in this field.
Our projects include residential houses, traditional Balinese houses, commercial buildings, and renovation projects. Together, we have been serving clients throughout Bali for over a decade. Starting from Rumah Biasa, Rumah Mewah to Villa baru, BALI DESIGN CONSTRUCT (BDC Initials) can handle your project.

We do everything to make sure every project finishes on time and conforms to specifications. Our clients love to work with us because of our personal and professional approach. We take the time to learn about our clients ‘needs, goals and budgets, so that the end result not only meets, but exceeds, our clients expectations.

Our services include:
– Architects
– Structure / Civil
– Project Management
– Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
– Building Renovations
– Building Maintenance


– Experience since 2008
– High Attention to Detail with Each Project
– Personalization Approach
– All Jobs Guaranteed
– To be responsible
– We always strive to provide workmanship with high quality results

When you are looking for a professional, reliable, and talented team for development projects, building, remodeling, or adding new homes you can contact us. We will work within your budget and your schedule, and we are ready for you.


Architectural design & plan

Let us help you visualize your dreams. To be on the same page, we provide design, architectural drawings, calculations to communicate any ideas and concepts.


Setting a realistic and accurate budget at an early stage is one of the keys to successfully building your own home. We give our word to keep.

Consulting & Design

Each unique design process, and Reserve step by step help you through the design process and through a number of steps that vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Wood Expert

Our wooden factory not only manufactures doors and cabinets, but also a team of designers and engineers who are also proficient in making custom made furniture.


Our construction expertise, paired with our architectural experience, has provided us with exceptional knowledge in understanding your needs, managing your projects properly, and completing your projects with end uses in mind.


We are committed not only to the quality of the projects we have completed, but also to the safe working environment of these projects. Areas of special expertise include, but are not limited to: interior release, earthquake reinforcement, and projects requiring civil engineering.

Honesty & Trust

We keep our promises and commitments. We work hard to maintain high ethical standards such as transparency and mutual respect.

Ecological Care

Responding to the growth of sustainable construction techniques, Sanctuary has consistently placed a high priority in following green construction practices in managing wastewater, mud and septic tanks for example.

Delivery on time

Our construction management project involves managing the location of contractors and subcontractors to ensure your project delivery is on time.

Warranty & Service

We have not finished with your project until you are completely satisfied. To ensure your satisfaction, we provide a one year warranty for your project. We ensure not only the quality of your experience, but also the functionality of your facility when construction is complete. Anytime during the warranty period, just contact us with any attention you may have with your facility.


The earlier we are involved in the planning process of building restaurants, overhauling bars, retail stores or building offices, the more value and efficiency we provide. As soon as the images and specifications have evolved, the BALI DESIGN CONSTRUCT team touches our trusted subcontracting group to compete bidding every scope of work for contract and construction. Our initial construction support allows us to assist with strategy and value engineering recommendations so that we meet our client’s budget goals with the best materials and construction methods available


We partner with an extensive network of architects, interior designers, and color specialists who understand every project; every client is different. Our construction team understands that this uniqueness is sought by our clients in the areas of restaurant development, bar rejuvenation, retail stores and office tenants. Streamlining projects and designing builds of deliverables through a single contract and team allows us to transform the relationship between designer and builder into an elite construction alliance, which encourages collaboration and teamwork. Using BALI DESIGN CONSTRUCT as a design-building solution enables clients to complete projects faster, and with fewer changes. Our creative design team and the relationship we build with them can bring your idea to life with high efficiency


We begin the construction phase with a full pre-construction review, then schedule the industry’s most qualified BALI Area industry subcontractor. During the process, the BALI DESIGN CONSTRUCT Project Manager and Project Supervisor held weekly meetings that included work safety, sequencing and project scheduling, and client concerns. During construction, we focus on clients for approval, ensuring client relationship satisfaction, and expectations of delivery of construction management services are met or exceeded. When the project is nearing completion, the final work goes with the client or their representative done. This important step is to close our general contract service agreement. It is a thorough point-by-point construction check to reach and check every item of open stroke list.


After completing the construction, BALI DESIGN CONSTRUCT provides a close-out package that includes the Operation & Maintenance Manual for all electronics and appliances. We believe Build Smarter means checking the performance of our general contract services. We follow up as construction is settling in to ensure that everything works according to capacity and our clients feel comfortable with our new build and product quality. If we can improve our construction management services, we want to know.

BUILDING MAINTENANCE : Save time, money and keep your property in great shape.
Let BALI DESIGN CONSTRUCT take over your procurement maintenance duties.

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