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General, Daily and Periodic Cleaning Service

We, from the GRIYA NATA BALI Building Maintenance Division, are a division of BALI DESIGN & CO, having its office at Batubulan, Gianyar, Bali, submitted a cooperation offer to Sir / Madam as the head of the company that you managed.

The purpose of our service offering is:
– To help maintain the cleanliness and comfort of every room in the Client’s building
– To help care for our clients’ buildings and parks
– To help clean every room in the Client’s building
– To make it easier for Clients to overcome cleanliness issues in the building and our Client’s office pages with more practical and cost-effective

A. Inside Building Maintenance includes:
– Cleaning of ceilings from spider webs
– Cleansing wall walls from stains
– Cleaning of stairs
– Cleaning fences or reilling in buildings
– Cleaning the lampshades
– Cleaning of smoke detectors
– Cleansing of the trident wall or floor tralis
– Cleaning of glass separator room and inner trellis
– Cleaning of wall hangings
– Cleaning of glass windows
– Wallpaper cleaning
– And others based on field surveys, will be added on request

B. Outer Building Maintenance includes:
– Cleaning of roofs or gutters
– Cleansing tall glass above 7 meters and tralis
– Cleansing glass windows and tralis
– Cleaning the yard from dirt
– Cleaning of parking lots, driveway, walkway
– Cleansing of the company / agency logo / nameplate
– and others as needed

C. Floor Cleaning and Maintenance
– Cleaning of tile floors
– Carpet cleaning
– Cleaning of marble floors
– Cleaning of other floors within the office area

D. Cleaning and Maintenance of Glass, Doors, Windows, Walls and Pillars
– Cleansing glass from dust and other stains
– Cleaning doors from wood, glass or other materials from dust and stains that stick
– Cleaning of glass windows or from other materials from sticking stains
– Cleaning of wooden or stainless pillars

E. Maintenance of Toilets
– Cleaning of ceilings from spider webs
– Cleaning of walls from soap and water spots
– Cleaning accessories in the bathroom
– Cleaning and filling of handsoap dispensers
– Cleaning the sink table
– Cleaning the squat closet and sitting and urinal
– Cleaning and polishing with nylonbrush floors and toilet walls

F. Cleaning of Office Accesories
– Cleaning of the work desk
– Cleaning of work chairs
– Cleaning cabinet filling
– Cleaning the telephone and partition or separating the room

G. Park Maintenance and Maintenance
– Cleaning the garden from leaf and trash avalanches
– Garden treatment is done by watering plants twice a day, morning and evening
– Care of the garden by taking leaves that have yellowed or withered and trimming the plants to make them look more presentable.
– Sprouting plants
– Periodic application of fertilizer
– Eradication of plant pests
– Replacement of dead plants


1. Employee work starts one hour or half an hour before office hours, including:
– Picking up leftover garbage yesterday
– Cleaning the desk and chair of the employee to be occupied
– Sweeping and mopping the floor
– Toilet cleaning
– Giving air freshener
– Providing telephone fragrances
– Cleaning the door leaf

2. Employee work during client office working hours
During the working hours of the client’s office, our officers are always on the spot, to clean office lobbies, room corridors, clean toilets after being used by guests or employees, yard or floor for pedestrians, reiling, and garbage collection during recess

3. Employee work one hour after the client’s office hours end including:
– Take the remaining trash left during working hours
– Clean tables and chairs
– Sweeping and mopping the floor
– Clean the toilet
– And others

The number of officers placed is determined by the needs of the office or agency and is based on an agreement with the Client.

1. We have provided cleaning and maintenance equipment and medicines. Including brooms, nylon, dust pan, kapi, hose, bucket, fertilizer, chemical etc. (prices include clerk, equipment, THR, uniform, building and garden maintenance
2. Care that is not a daily task will be scheduled next.

The collaboration system that we offer is a contract system. Cooperation contracts are valid at the request of the Client, for example 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and so on. All applicable regulations will be adjusted to the agreement made after the partnership is established. Other matters will be discussed in the future.

The price charged to the Client will be submitted based on the survey and the needs of the Client.

Things that still need further explanation, you can get it by contacting us at:

Phone & Whatsapp: 087785253088
Email (1):

Thus we submit these introductions and offers, for our attention and trust, we thank you.

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